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What Is A Booklet: A Complete Guide

What is a Booklet

A term virtually everyone is familiar with is “Books.” However, many people are not as familiar with the related term “Booklet.” What exactly is a Booklet?

This concise and highly comprehensive article will discuss all there is to know about Booklets. It will include how to make a Booklet, the uses of Booklets, and how to design an effective Booklet.

What Is A Booklet

In simplified terms, a Booklet refers to a little book. However, in marketing circles, a Booklet usually is a small brochure publication with paper covers and fewer pages (less than 20) than a full-fledged book.

Booklets are versatile and can be utilized for various processes like showcasing a company’s overview and creating event programs for weddings, conferences, and graduations.

If you’re trying to imagine what a Booklet looks like, think of a brochure, recipe book, or training manual.

If you are looking for a cost-effective strategy for publishing content to showcase or advertise your business/brand/product, –  beautifully designed, stapled brochures are the way to go.

What Is Booklet Size

When creating a booklet, you can choose from different Booklet sizes. Small Booklet sizes such as 5.5 x 8.5 and 8.5 x 11 are standard dimensions for instruction manuals, catalogs, magazines, and reports.

For compact Booklets, the typical size is 12 x 12 Booklets. Booklets of this size are ideal for larger projects. The extra space gives you more room for text and pictures and room to play around with the layouts.

What Is A Booklet Used For

Like a book, a Booklet’s primary function is to convey information to its reader. Booklets may contain promotional material like a brochure or informative material like a book.

Booklets are employed to convey promotional, instructional, or informational content in a limited amount. Some common uses cases for a Booklet include:

  • Company profile Booklet
  • Fashion Booklet
  • Fitness Booklet
  • Program Booklet
  • Funeral Booklet
  • Project Booklet
  • Cosmetic Booklet
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Real Estate Booklet

What Is A Booklet Format?

A Booklet Anatomy or the standard Booklet format is as follows:

  • Name and Logo: Your(or your business’s) name and logo should be on the front cover.
  • Title: This is to be written in the first section of the Booklet as well.
  • Table of Contents: This is optional and should include the topics covered in the Booklet.
  • Primary Content: The most fundamental part of a Booklet is its content. That can cover up to 20 pages.
  • Images: Graphic images can be included on the front portion or in between pages.

How Many Pages Is A Booklet?

In general, Booklets generally range from 8 to 36 pages. There are a minimum number of pages required for a Booklet to be considered a Booklet. They need at least eight(8) pages.

The minimum amount of pages varies, depending on the Booklet binding method:

  • stapled – minimum of 8 pages
  • perfect bound – minimum of 52 pages
  • a loop stitched – minimum of 8 pages
  • wire-o binding – minimum of 10 pages

Read more: Guide to Booklet Binding & How to Choose The Right Binding

How To Make A Booklet

When making a Booklet, the easiest and most cost-effective way is to use a ready-made, professionally designed, and editable Booklet template. You can find free templates online or on apps like Microsoft word.

If you’d prefer to create your Booklet from scratch and for free, consider using free tools like Excel, Word, and Canva.

How To Design A Booklet?

To design a high-quality Booklet, follow the following steps:

  • Choose a Booklet size.
  • Decide the purpose of the Booklet.
  • Select a Booklet template.
  • Write down the content.
  • Add images and designs.
  • Finalize and download.

What Is The Difference Between A Book And A Booklet?

Although book and Booklet are two very similar words, there is a difference between them in terms of size.

A Booklet is typically considered a little book with few pages and paper covers. A book is a bound publication that encompasses multiple pages (usually more than 50). Thus, the primary difference between a book and a Booklet is the number of pages.

A book is often more official and professional, while Booklets are used as critical marketing resources to help a company advertise itself and improve sales.

One can also choose to switch from hardcopy Booklets to an online format. That can be helpful to avoid incurring additional costs of printing, storage, and distribution.

Booklet Ideas And Examples

If you’re in the process of creating a Booklet and you’re out of ideas on how to go about it, here are a few pointers that can generally apply to various Booklet design layouts:


Since your Booklet’s purpose is to convey information, your text has to be easily readable. Elements of text such as – font size, character, line spacing, and color can help improve readability.


Balance is one of the essential elements of design. Naturally, people are attracted to visually balanced images and scenes. You can replicate this using the appropriate shapes, colors, and text.

Consider working with a professional designer, using ready-made designs, or working with a team to get a second opinion.

While it may not be easily quantifiable to know when the balance is proper, it is something you can immediately tell.


If you are creating a Booklet for advertisement purposes or to showcase your brand/product/service – you will need to use pictures to enhance its design.

Excess use of text and no images can be a bore and make your readers lose interest. Even when you want to show research information, you can use infographics and diagrams instead of just text.

For inspiration, check out the following for professionally designed, ready-made Booklet samples.

FAQs on Booklet

How do I make a Booklet using Word?

  • Open Microsoft word and click on the file menu.
  • Select “New” from the “Template” tab, and a list of templates will appear.
  • Choose your preferred template.
  • Click on the file menu after choosing your template.
  • To print your Booklet click on the “Print” button.

What is an A5 Booklet?

An A5 Booklet is a specific size of Booklet that measures 148 × 210 mm and is slightly smaller than an A4 Booklet.

How do I make a Booklet for a project?

Creating a Booklet for a project is the same as creating any type of Booklet; the only difference lies in the format, content, and images used for the project.

How to prepare your Booklet For printing?

Once you have completed writing and designing your Booklet, the next step is to print. Choose the paper color and make all the necessary adjustments to the size, layout, and margins.

Check this article for a detailed guide on ‘how to arrange your Booklet for printing.’


A Booklet is utilizable for several functionalities, especially marketing. It can help customers in their decision-making.

Now that you’ve learned all the essentials of a Booklet, it’s time to create your own!

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