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    Photocopy Machine Rental Price

    Ricoh / Fuji Xerox Photocopier + FREE Delivery, Maintenance & Service

    Each package comes with free delivery, installation and training.

    The necessary training will ensures that you and your team knows how to operate the photostat machine efficiently.

    Our team will also provide regular maintenance and service to keep the machine operating at its best at all times.

    Starter Pack

    RM68 / month
    • FREE 1 Week Demo
    • Black & White Machine
    • Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (Optional)

    Pro Pack

    RM88 / month
    • Free 2 Months Rental (Limited Time)
    • FREE 1 Week Demo
    • Colour / Black & White Machine
    • Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (Optional)

    Premium Pack

    RM188 / month
    • Free 2 Months Rental (Limited Time)
    • FREE 1 Week Demo
    • Colour / Black & White Machine
    • Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (Optional)
    • Premium Quality Colour
    • Heavy Duty Multifunctional Copier

    Photostat Machine Rental & Sales Covering Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

    We are supplying Ricoh & Fuji Xerox photostat machine for rental and/or sales to businesses covering every districts and towns in Kuala Lumpur.

    Looking for Ricoh & Fuji Xerox photocopy machine rental and/or sales in Selangor? We service every districts and towns in Selangor.

    Photocopy Machine

    • Brand New Copier Machine

      You can choose to get a brand new photocopy machine. We have various range of models depending on your business needs.

    • Refurbished Photocopier Machine

      Enjoy the same functionality of a brand new machine but with a more reasonable price. It is a re-conditioned machine from a used one which still has plenty of usable lifespan.

    • For Sales / Monthly Rental

      Own your own copier machine directly or rent it on a monthly basis. We provide both options to allow you the flexibility to choose based on your budget. Read our rent or buy guide to know more.


    • Delivery, Installation & Training

      We provide hassle-free delivery , installation & training for your team to ensure you get instant value out of the machine from day one.

    • Technical Support

      Our well-trained technician will provides prompt response to your rescue. Whether it is machine breakdown or toner request, we aim to provide support within 24 hours.

    • Photocopier Spare Parts & Toner

      We provides full range of spare parts, toner and consumables to ensure you get back to work quickly. Our main supplies cover both Ricoh and Fuji Xerox machines.

    Fuji Xerox & Ricoh Photostat Machine

    Whether you are looking for black & white or colour machine, we have you covered.

    Here are our top-selling photocopier.

    View our full range of copier machines here

    Photocopier Machine FAQs

    What is the difference between a printer and a photocopier?

    • A printer prints document based on information received from a computer
    • A photocopying machine can create copies of a document directly without a computer

    Why is the photocopier important?

    • photocopier is important as it provides a more cost-effective way to create a large amount of documents in a short period of time
    • As time is important for any business, this improves the productivity & efficiency of the business

    How long should a copier last?

    • Most copiers can last around 3-5 years on average
    • This lifespan depends on its build quality, workload, and maintenance
    • Your copier can last longer with proper & timely maintenance
    • Most importantly, use it within its duty cycle (max. copies/month) to a ensure longer lifespan

    What is the function of photocopy machine?

    • The main function of a photocopier is to create a copy of documents
    • Most photocopiers use laser technology to duplicate document as it can copy a large amount of document in a short time

    Is it better to buy or lease a copier?

    Benefits of leasing/rent

    • Always up-to-date machine
    • Low upfront costs with a fixed monthly rental
    • No hassle while keeping up with the competition

    Benefits of purchasing

    • Less expensive in the long run (save on monthly rental)
    • Recoup investment faster than rent
    • No contracts
    • Flexible maintenance (you decides when you need maintenance)

    More in-depth comparison between purchasing or renting a photocopier

    How many copies can a copy machine make?

    • Business-grade copiers can produce up to 1,000 copies/month while heavy-duty copiers can produce up to 720,000 copies/month
    • You should choose a copier based on your needs rather than pure specs
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