How Much Does A Copier Cost in Malaysia

If you are purchasing the copier for the first time, one of the questions you will likely have is regarding the cost.

Sadly there is no precise answer to this question.

It depends on your requirement, specification, size, as well as configuration of the copier.

This article is aimed to help you understand the different types of photocopiers and the cost involved in purchasing them.

Most Common Types of Photocopy Machines

Here are some of the most commonly used types of photocopy machines:

Monochrome or Black-and-White Photocopiers

Some people opt for black-and-white photocopiers because they are typically less expensive than colour copiers. However, do keep in mind that they are not as fast or as accurate compared to colour copiers. They are often used for printing text documents and for making high quality copies of paper drawings.

Colour Photocopiers

If you want something more than the basic monochrome photocopier, colour photocopiers are considered an ideal choice.

Colour photocopiers have four drums and four colour reservoirs to produce any desired colour combination. The primary colours filled inside toner reservoirs are yellow, cyan, magenta, and black. This is commonly referred to as the CMYK spectrum.

Analogue Photocopiers

This is an old form of photocopier that uses light, mirrors, and lenses to reflect the image of the document onto the photoreceptor.

At present, analogue copies were being replaced by digital ones mainly because of mechanical failures and the unavailability of parts for replacement.

Desktop Photocopiers

As the name suggests, these photocopiers fit on a desktop. They can often produce copies with A4 size as any other higher size requires more mechanization, which would ultimately increase the size of the copier.

A3 Photocopiers

Items such as spreadsheets, posters, and various advertising materials are printed using an A3 photocopier.

This will usually be larger than the compact desktop photocopier.

Network Photocopiers

This is an excellent option if you are looking for a copier to integrate with various devices such as in offices, schools, etc.

All the computers connected to a network can access this photocopier, allowing all the users to scan or print according to their requirements.

Administrator privileges are also given to a supervisor who wishes to monitor all the printing activities.

Heavy-Duty Photocopiers

The heavy-duty photocopiers are commonly used for big offices or businesses where more copies will be printed in a day. These photocopiers offer much more functionality, quality, and output.

What to Consider Before Getting a Photocopier?

Following are some essential things to consider before getting a photocopier for your home/office use:

Total Employees/Users

This is the foremost thing to consider before planning to buy a photocopier for your office. Evaluate how many employees have printing requirements?

If the predicted numbers are high, it is advisable to go for a fast and high-speed printer rather than a small one.

Copy Speed

This determines the speed at which your printer produces prints and copies. It is usually expressed as the number of pages/minute.

A typical mid-volume printer for business will have a print/copy speed of 24-45 pages/minute.

Copy Volume

This feature represents the number of pages the business printer is designed to process for a month.

Business printers are generally grouped into small, medium, and high volumes based on varying requirements.

While purchasing a printer, evaluate the total need in terms of monthly copies and the number of devices you plan to use.

Wireless Connectivity

Purchasing a photocopier with wireless printing capabilities can help you set up and make your print job easier.

This will also help you place the bulk printer wherever convenient without worrying about the length of connection cables.


While purchasing a photocopier, it is vital to consider its reliability. Running for a replacement will be the last thing you’d want after having purchased the machine.

Certain models are notoriously unreliable; make sure that you avoid purchasing those at any cost.

Additionally, you could check some of the crucial reviews online to ensure that the one you are purchasing comes with good reviews from users.

Level of Scanning

Business printers these days come with rich scanning features.

Advancement in this technology has enabled automatic scanning and touch screen integration within most photocopiers.

Copiers these days can scan and send the images directly to your business desktop or business applications such as Sage, Goldmine, etc.

Ensure that you are using the scanning feature that is ideally suited for your business processes and requirements.

Integration of Existing Infrastructure (Connectivity)

One of the essential things to consider while purchasing a copier is that it should have seamless integration with the rest of your document production equipment.

This will help ensure minimal disruption on workers’ productivity and less impact on the ongoing projects.

Even a slight change in the user interface can affect worker productivity since a new user interface often requires workers’ training.


When you are buying a copier, functionality is another essential thing to consider. Depending on your office requirement, you can either choose a multifunction printer(MFP) or a stand-alone printer.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a multifunction machine. Combining copying, printing, scanning, and faxing into one device can make a lot of sense, especially when buying a photocopier.

This will also help free your office space for several other devices and give more room for work. The integrated scanner can make it easier to save your essential paperwork and other receipts.

After-Sales Support

While choosing a photocopier, it is better to understand the options available for after-sales support.

Carefully evaluate the things such as, at what cost they provide the service? Or is it free? Whether servicing is provided through a third party or the same company.

Once the purchase has been made, the printer forms an indispensable part of your digital document workflow. It is, therefore, vital to consider what to do in case of a breakdown.

Modern multifunctional printers have a large number of mechanical parts, and at some point, they are certain to suffer from mechanical failure.

Choosing an excellent seller helps ensure that you have reliable after-sales support in place included within your full-service agreement. A good service agreement helps cover all labour charges and parts required to service the machine.


For any organization, security is an essential factor to consider while purchasing a copier. Several companies have to deal with innumerable documents that are strictly secure and private.

Photocopiers should have inbuilt security features to ensure that the scanned documents or the copies made won’t get into the wrong hands. Modern-day copiers are equipped with identity verification systems to ensure that only the correct user can access the data stored inside.


Memory plays a crucial role in the performance of a copier. Low memory can result in slower output. Often you might have noted the message while copying, which says” insufficient memory.”

Types of Costs Involved in Getting a Copier

The cost of purchasing a copier can be broadly classified into two. These are:

  • Upfront cost
  • Ongoing cost

Upfront Cost

These are usually determined by the type of copier you have decided to go with. If you are under a tighter budget, it will be a good idea to list all your requirements to pick the best-suited one for your business.

There are plenty of options available in the market for various functions such as printing, scanning, faxing, etc.

There is no point in purchasing a copier that can’t provide the necessary functions required for your business.

Photocopiers can scan documents and send emails directly to shared folders. Some of the features that you can consider including are:

  • Letter Folding: Ability to fold letters or documents in your office, saving time on manual labour.
  • Booklet Making: A variety of features that help to create small booklets through hole-punch or folding features.
  • Faxing: Directly send fax messages to the designated address.
  • Hole Punch: Available on single or triple, depending on what is required by the user.
  • Large Capacity Paper Tray: Helps to increase the capacity of the standard tray by allowing more paper to load.
  • Fiery: Used for the highest level of colour matching for print media.
  • Card Readers: An essential security feature that allows only specified employees to access scanned or pre-saved content.
  • Follow-Me-Printing: Ability to create prints from any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or any other device linked to the network.

Ongoing Cost (Copier Maintenance Agreement)

A copier service agreement protects you from unnecessary costs that are associated with copier machine downtime.

Ongoing cost also includes the cost of periodic maintenance and the cost of spare parts. Most service agreements come with a minimum usage of 1000 copies/month.

Office Copier Lease Rates / Buy Price According to Usage

Copiers come in various shapes and sizes depending on the requirement. You need to choose the one that works best for you, based on your business and requirement.

In today’s market, there are different models provided by several manufacturers to choose from.

Here are some of your options while buying a copier.

Normal/Medium Usage

This type of copier is typically used when there are low requirements for printing. These are used for simple monochrome printing and small-purpose colour printing.

Heavy Usage

These are multifunction printers used by businesses for more extensive printing requirements. Because of their advanced capabilities, they can handle massive printing volumes.

These are compatible with any devices connected to the network, such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc. They have all the capabilities of business-level printers with advanced colour printing capabilities.

Estimated Cost of Copier In Malaysia

Types / Usage Black & White Colour
Brand New / Medium Usage Rent: RM 200++
Buy: RM 8,000++
Rent: RM 250++
Buy: RM 11,000++
Recond / Medium Usage Rent: RM 68++
Buy: RM 3,000++
Rent: RM 88++
Buy: RM 4,000++
Brand New / Heavy Usage Rent: RM 350++
Buy: RM 15,000++
Rent: RM 480++
Buy: RM 20,000++
Recond / Heavy Usage Rent: RM 100++
Buy: RM 5,000++
Rent: RM 150++
Buy: RM 6,000++

Copier Maintenace Agreement

A copier service/maintenance contract can be purchased along with the leasing or purchase of your copier.

As mentioned, this is an ongoing cost for maintenance, spare parts and consumables replenishment like toners, etc.

A copier maintenance agreement is usually charged based on meter reading as below:-

  • Black & White: RM 0.03/piece
  • Colour A4: RM 0.40/piece
  • Colour A4: RM 0.80/piece

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Bottom Line

In the modern-day world, copiers are an indispensable part of a business. In this article, we have presented several different types of photocopier and their uses to help you choose the best one for your business.

Ensure that you go through the features and understand your own requirements before making shelling out the money. Happy printing!