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Copier Rental: 9 Factors to Consider Before You Rent Your Copier

Almost every Malaysian office today needs a photocopier for its daily operations.

That is why there are photocopier suppliers that provide monthly rental packages to meet your needs.

But, what are the processes involved and the factors you need to consider before deciding to rent a copier?

This article will explain in more detail to help you make smarter decisions.

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The Copier Rental Process

Step 1

The process of renting a photocopier usually begins with getting a copier rental quote.

Suppliers will send you their quotation based on your location, the type of copier you need, and the services you require. They may even offer a free consultation to discuss the details of your requirements.

Step 2

Next is a discussion of the terms and conditions via email or in person. They will explain in detail the specifications of the machine and the service you will get.

Step 3

Once the requirements are confirmed, you’ll be asked to sign a copier rental agreement that covers the initial down payment, monthly rental costs and monthly meter charges within the agreed contract period.

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Step 4

Once the contract has been signed and payment made, the supplier will send the photocopier to your location. The copier contract will begin where the supplier will cover all servicing until the machine is returned when the contract expires.

Factors to Consider Before Renting a Copier

Before you decide which photocopier to rent, there are many factors you should consider. Your objective is to choose a service that suits your needs and usage.

Let’s discuss 9 important copier rental factors before you make a decision.

1. Rent a photocopier on a monthly basis or rent-to-own?

In addition to renting a photocopier on a monthly basis, there are suppliers that offer rent-to-own schemes.

This rent-to-own scheme means that at the end of your contract period, the photocopier will become your owned asset.

Typically, this scheme covers a longer contract term but with a lower monthly rental rate.

The rent-to-own scheme is ideal if you intend to own the copier but do not have the start-up capital to buy it right now.

2. What models of photocopiers are offered?

When choosing a photocopier for rent, it is important that you consider the brand and model of the machine provided.

You need to decide whether to choose an old model machine model with limited functionality (cheaper price), or a new and sophisticated model (higher price) that better suits your future needs.

When choosing the model of your photocopier, you also need to consider the frequency of downtime you can tolerate. Photocopiers that are used more frequently may have more frequent downtime and require longer service time.

Therefore, when evaluating the copier offered, you should know the operating limits of the selected machine and make sure that the limits meet your daily needs.

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3. How long is the copier rental contract?

When renting a photocopier, it is important that you know the term of the contract. The copier rental agreement will specify the duration of your lease, whether it is 6 months, 1 year or even up to 5 years.

It also determines the frequency of your rental payments, whether on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The most common type of contract is a contract with a fixed number of prints and monthly rentals.

Typically, a longer contract period will offer a lower monthly rental fee. This also means that you are tied to the same provider for a long time even if the service provided is less than satisfactory.

Tips: If you only need the copier for a short project/event, you can consider a short-term copier rental instead. It’s an option with a much lower commitment period. You can Whatsapp us to know more.

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4. How much is the monthly rent of the photocopier?

The monthly rental of a photocopier varies depending on the model, function, specifications and frequency of use.

Apart from that, it also depends on the contract period and the type of machine you choose, whether it is a used photocopier, a recond or a brand new photocopier.

The Copier Guy offers monthly rental of photocopiers as low as RM88 per month. You can Whatsapp us to get a quote.

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5. How much is the copier meter charge?

In addition to the monthly rental cost, your photocopier supplier will also charge you based on the number of prints made each month.

You may be charged a fixed monthly usage fee or based on usage meter readings.

Generally, meter readings are divided into black & white print meters and colour print meters. Therefore, you should consider these costs based on your monthly usage estimates.

Make sure you estimate both fees (monthly rent + meter reading charges) to get the best deal.

6. Understand the difference between free copies and minimum copies

Free Copy

Your copier supplier may offer you free prints/copies.

The meaning of free copies here is the number of copies given for free in a month.

For example, ‘monthly 100 free black and white copies’ means you won’t be charged for the first 100 black and white copies made per month. Meter reading charges will only apply from the 101st copy onwards.

Minimum Copy

There are also photocopier suppliers that charge a minimum monthly printout, which means that you will be charged a minimum number of copies each month even if you don’t print that much.

For example, ‘100 copies per month minimum’ means that you will be charged for 100 copies even if you do not make any copy that month.

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7. Deposit or advance rent to be paid before starting your copier rental contract

A deposit is a security deposit or down payment that must be paid to a photocopier supplier as insurance.

If the machine breaks down or you fail to make the rental payment, the supplier will use this money to cover their costs.

If you are confident that you are a good tenant and comply with the terms in the contract, you will receive your deposit back when the contract expires.

The advance rent will also be used to pay for any arrears after your agreement expires.

8. What services and guarantees are provided by the photocopier supplier?

Most photocopier suppliers offer a variety of services and guarantees to ensure you get the protection you need.

For example, The Copier Guy offers delivery to your location, machine installation and staff training for free.

In addition, we also offer repair services in the event of damage, maintenance services, and supply of spare parts and consumables (such as toner, etc.) throughout the contract period.

Make sure you check this with your supplier to ensure they provide these services.

9. What are the hidden costs that may incur in your copier rental agreement?

When you rent a copier, there may be hidden costs that are not included in the original price.

These hidden costs are often ignored or dismantled in agreements when issues have arisen. It includes security deposits, incidental damage fees, shipping charges, lease fees, and more.

To save time and money, make sure you know all the incidental costs that may incur before signing your rental agreement.

Advantages of Renting a Copier

Renting a photocopier is a more budget-friendly option for smaller businesses.

This is because the monthly rent paid covers the cost of ink and paper as well. So there are no additional costs that you have to bear.

Here are some advantages if you rent a photocopier:-

  • Low upfront cost
  • Easy and no need to worry
  • No need to think about the cost to replace another machine

Read more about all the advantages of renting a photocopier.


For the best value, you need to consider not only the rental price of the photocopier itself but how the service is handled, the type of support available and how easy it is to work with your supplier.

To avoid possible complications in the future, we recommend that you talk to a professional photocopier supplier. They will be able to provide advice & information that will benefit you.

If you are looking for a professional photocopier supplier to advise you, please Whatsapp us. We’re happy to provide a free consultation to help you understand the whole copier rental process better.

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