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Pros & Cons of Short-Term Copier Rental

Short-Term Copier Rental Pros & Cons

It’s true –  many businesses consider short-term copier rental as a better option than buying one.

However, while short-term copier rental can provide a convenient and cost-effective solution, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if it’s the best option for your business too.

This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of renting a copier on a short-term basis to help you determine if it is the right choice for your business.

Pros Cons
Cost savings compared to purchasing or leasing Limited control over equipment
Scalability Higher cost over time
Access to the latest technology Lack of ownership
Customizable rental plans Limited options
Hassle-free maintenance Limited customization
Test before buying Limited support
No long-term commitment

The table above shows the pros and cons of short-term copier rental. Read the full explanations below.

Benefits of short-term copier rental

A short-term copier rental is a popular option for many businesses, and that’s because of its endless list of benefits. Let’s look into some of the most prominent advantages that renting a copier offers.

Cost savings compared to purchasing or leasing

Short-term copier rental is a more cost-efficient option for businesses compared to purchasing or leasing a copier outright. This is because it eliminates the need for an upfront expense and allows businesses to only pay for the equipment they need for the duration of the rental.

Additionally, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs, whether you need a copier for a one-time event or a longer-term project. And you can also choose from different models, brands, features, and capabilities.

This flexibility allows businesses to keep costs low and avoid unnecessary expenses.


Short-term copier rental offers flexibility to businesses that have varying needs for copying and printing. This could be especially useful during seasonal or project-based workloads.

This allows businesses to adjust their copier needs as their business grows or changes. As a result, businesses can easily scale up or down their copier usage without being locked into a long-term commitment or incurring additional costs.

Access to the latest technology

A major advantage of short-term copier rental is that businesses can have access to the latest models of machines and features without the investment of ownership.

This could be especially important for businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology advancements.

At the end of the day, businesses can explore different types of copiers, evaluate their features and avoid committing to an unfavourable machine as in the case of buying.

Customizable rental plans

Whatever the nature of your copier needs might be, there is a rental plan out there for you. Short-term copier rental companies are known to offer a wide range of customizable rental plans to their customers to meet their specific needs and budget.

Businesses can choose to rent a copier on a short-term basis, such as a few days or weeks, or a longer-term basis, such as several months or a year. They can also opt for a plan that includes service and maintenance, toner, and paper supply.

These rental plans are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to the specific requirements of the business.

Hassle-free maintenance

As mentioned briefly in the point above, many rental companies take care of maintenance and repairs for the equipment during the rental period, so the business does not have to worry about it.

The maintenance and service provided by rental companies typically include regular cleaning and inspections of the copier to ensure that it is in good working condition. This can include checking for and addressing any mechanical issues, ensuring that the copier is properly calibrated, and replacing any worn parts.

In addition to the maintenance and service provided by rental companies, understanding the lifespan of a toner cartridge can also contribute to a hassle-free experience. Learn more about how long a toner cartridge of a copier machine can last.

Test before buying

For businesses that plan on buying a copier in the future, short-term copier rental allows them to have tested out different types of equipment before they’re ready to purchase.

This can help businesses to make informed decisions about the type of equipment that best suits their needs. At the point of purchase, they already know exactly what they need and have total confidence in what they’re committing to.


Finally, the overall concept of renting a copier offers customers convenience. Worries about storage, maintenance, and transportation of a copier are all irrelevant when you choose to rent rather than buy a copier.

No long-term commitment

One of the benefits of short-term copier rental is that it offers no long-term commitment. This means that you can rent a copier for a specific period of time without being tied to a long-term contract.

This provides flexibility and allows you to only pay for the equipment you need for the duration of the rental. Additionally, you can easily scale up or down your copier usage without incurring additional costs or penalties.

Disadvantages of short-term copier rental

Despite the numerous pros of short-term copier rental, there are a few cons that are impossible to ignore. In this section,  we will explore some of the potential disadvantages of short-term copier rental; some of which are total deal-breakers for customers.

Limited control over equipment

When businesses rent a copier, they are essentially borrowing someone else’s equipment and are subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. This can mean that businesses have limited control over how the copier is used and maintained.

For example, businesses may not be able to make certain modifications to the copier or change the settings to suit their specific needs.

This could especially be a problem for businesses with high-volume copying and printing needs as they typically need a copier that they can have total control over.

Higher cost over time

Picture this – business A spends $5,000 on a copier, while business B spends $500 per month to rent a copier. Eventually, business B is going to find that it has spent more money on renting/leasing equipment that they still don’t own.

For this reason, if your business has high-volume copying and printing needs and you’re renting a copier all year round, you’re going to spend more over time than a business that outrightly buys a copier.

Lack of ownership

Businesses that rent a copier do not own the equipment and may not have the ability to sell it or use it as collateral. This can be a disadvantage for businesses that are looking to invest in a copier as an asset for their business.

In this regard, buying a copier could serve as a potential asset, whereas renting one could be a financial liability.

Limited options

Businesses can only rent what is available in the market. That means they are subject to limited options in terms of the types of equipment available for rental. They may not be able to find the exact model or brand they are looking for.

Because rental copiers are typically going to have highly sought-after copiers in their catalogue, if you fall into a category of customers that are looking for a more scarce machine, you might be out of luck.

Limited customization

Although one of the big talking points for short-term copier rental is customization, customization doesn’t come without limits.

For example, businesses may not be able to add specialized software or hardware, such as barcode scanners or additional paper trays, to the copier. Some rental companies even limit the settings that businesses can change on the copier, such as the resolution or paper size.

This is why negotiating your copier lease/rental is essential to know how far the rental company is willing to go in terms of customization.

Limited support

Buying a copier or renting long-term typically offers more support compared to renting one for a short term.  When a business owns a copier, it can purchase an extended warranty, maintenance plans, and service contracts that best suit its needs and budget.

Most short-term copier rental companies don’t offer specialized and in-depth support, troubleshooting, and repair services. This can be a disadvantage to businesses that need specialized assistance, especially at short notice.


After looking through the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of short-term copier rental, it’s safe to say that while the cons are valid, short-term copier rental still proves to be a viable option for most businesses.

The flexibility and cost-savings that short-term rental provides can be very beneficial for businesses that have seasonal or project-based workloads, or for businesses that are testing new technologies before committing to a purchase.

Additionally, not being tied to a long-term commitment allows businesses to manage their copying and printing needs cost-effectively and only pay for what they need.

That being said, it’s important to understand the potential disadvantages and compare them with the advantages to make an informed decision.

The Copier Guy provides long-term & short-term copier rentals. If you are interested to know more about both options and which one is right for you, do contact us for a consultation.

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