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What Is Copier Paper & What Is Copier Paper Used For

What is Copier Paper

If you work in an office or use a printer at home, chances are you’ve heard of copier paper. But what is copier paper, and what is it used for?

Let’s explore this together in this article.

What is Copier Paper?

First of all, let’s define what copier paper is. Copier paper is a thin, high-quality paper designed to be used with copiers, printers, and other office machines.

It is typically sold in reams of 500 or 1,000 sheets and comes in various sizes. Some of the most common sizes are A4 & A3.

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What is Copier Paper Used For?

People primarily use copier paper to print documents such as memos, reports, letters, and other correspondence. Additionally, copier paper is handy when printing flyers, presentations, and other marketing materials.

Copier paper is used to make copies (that’s why it’s called Copier Paper!). Manufacturers design copier paper for enduring the heat and pressure from copiers. This ensures that the final copy is crisp and easy to read.

Some artists even use copier paper as a medium for drawing or sketching.

Simple Tips for Buying The Right Copier Paper

Consider the weight of the paper. Heavier paper (typically around 91-121 gsm) is better for printing important documents or materials used in presentations or marketing materials. Check the table below for usage tips.

Grade Weight (gsm) Usage Tips Benefits
Standard 60 gsm Faxes, draft documents, printed emails Inexpensive, fits in most printers & copiers, jam-resistant
Mid 68 – 75 gsm Presentations, resumes, proposals, client documents, contracts Smoother finish, versatile, more opaque (less “showthrough”), fits all office printers & copiers
Heavy 75 – 132 gsm Signs & flyers, menus, greeting cards, professional presentations, double-sided printing Best colour, holds up well to heavy ink, has the smoothest finish, print is more durable & long-lasting

Brightness is another important factor. Brightness refers to how white the paper is. Higher numbers indicate a brighter white. A brightness level of 92 or 94 is sufficient for most everyday use.


In conclusion, copier paper is a versatile and essential part of any office or home printer setup. Whether printing documents or making copies, copier paper provides high-quality results and ensures that your printed materials look professional and easy to read.

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