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Should I Buy/Lease A New Or Refurbished Copier

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When acquiring a copier either for your business or personal reasons, there are two questions often pondered upon. The first question is – should I buy or lease a copier? and the next question is – should I buy/lease a brand new or refurbished copier?

The obvious thought that occurs to most of us is that a new copier is much more expensive and maybe getting a refurbished one is the way to go. But the word refurbished often causes discomfort and most people question the reliability of a product that is not brand new.

So is buying a refurbished copier a safe move for you? Or will you be better off just getting a brand new one? Here’s what you need to know to make a guided decision on which is best for you.

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What Is A Refurbished Copier?

The word ‘refurbished’ is often used in the description of housing renovations and redecoration. Just like a refurbished building, a refurbished copier has been pre-loved but, completely retouched to make it almost as good as new.

In many cases, refurbished copiers are of the latest technology and are in relatively excellent condition although this isn’t always the case as we will discuss further in this article.

Oftentimes, these copiers were products that have been returned to the manufacturer due to a malfunction or old age. Refurbished copiers have been thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and revamped by certified technicians.

A refurbished copier could also have been revamped by the seller not the manufacturer and this is referred to as a seller refurbished copier. Most refurbished copiers are seller refurbished.

What Are The Differences Between New Vs Refurbished Copiers?

Here are the differences that set brand new copiers aside from refurbished ones:

  • Brand-new copiers are purchased directly from authorized dealer channels while refurbished are purchased from a third party, not the manufacturer.
  • Brand-new copiers often have a high purchase cost, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions while refurbished copiers are often sold at discounts of up to 90% off their retail price
  • Brand new copiers receive an official warranty and technical support from the manufacturers while refurbished copiers come with third-party warranties

What Is The Difference Between Used And Refurbished Copiers?

Many times people use the words used and refurbished interchangeably but, the two mean different things when we’re talking about copiers.

A used copier is simply a second-hand copier and it could be either a new second-hand copier or a refurbished second-hand copier.

A refurbished copier is a machine that has been rebuilt or restored to its former glory. Typically, money is spent to restore the copier and most of the parts are new parts that may have been used but, are still in good condition.

A used copier may have never been worked on or repaired before. This means that if you intend to buy a used copier, there’s a possibility that it could have a problem. Therefore, between a used and a refurbished copier; a refurbished copier is often considered first.

Not all used copiers are refurbished but, all refurbished copiers were once used or have a part that has been used before.

When Buying A Copier, Should I Buy A New Or Refurbished One?

There could be many advantages that come with buying a copier and although it is less common, most larger businesses opt for this. However, buying a brand new copier or a refurbished one comes with different benefits and downfalls which we will explore below.

Buying A New Copier

We all enjoy having new, never-been-used things before and the case is the same with copiers.

When you buy a brand new copier, you have the guarantee that it will work well, all the parts are at their best and the quality it produces will be top-notch. In addition, they come with a quality guarantee or a service warranty from the manufacturer that usually lasts for 1 year or more.

If your print volume is anything remotely close to the volume of a traditional mid-sized office, then a new copier is going to be the better deal over time.

However, the most obvious con is that buying a copier; especially a brand new one is going to take a toll on your finances. A new Xerox copier can cost as much as RM60,000 to acquire or even more.

Buying A Refurbished Copier

Ever heard a person say they bought their copier for a very low price? Then it’s most likely refurbished. They might cost a little more than leasing but, they will be yours forever.

Buying a refurbished copier is much more affordable and means you can get a high-quality copier for a fraction of the price. Also, good ones come with some form of guarantee or service warranty.

Refurbished copiers also come with a service contract which serves as a form of protection for you as a buyer. In the case of a breakdown, the copier can be taken care of by the seller/manufacturer based on the terms and conditions of the contract.

Furthermore, buying a refurbished copier is friendly to the environment and if your or your company’s values are in line with staying green and making environmentally friendly purchases, then this could be the path for you.

As great as buying a refurbished copier may sound, it does have its downsides. The most prominent being wear and tear.

Multifunction copier age is determined by how many impressions (pages) it has printed and they last between 3 to 5 years under average circumstances. A refurbished copier is more likely to be less efficient due to wear and tear from its previous lives. Of course not all refurbished copiers are very old but, most of them are.

When Leasing/Renting A Copier, Should I Go For A New Or Refurbished One?

For companies that don’t have room in their budget to spend thousands of dollars at one time, leasing is usually the preferred route.

When choosing what copier to lease, a few factors are put into consideration such as the printing capacity, functionality, and of course – if it is brand new or refurbished.

Leasing A New Copier

Leasing a new copier comes with all the benefits of leasing including lower upfront cost and flexible commitment. It also comes with the confidence that the machine you’re using is in its best condition.

If you choose to lease a brand new copier, the monthly subscription could be a little higher than leasing a used or refurbished copier but, you also get the extra benefit of higher functionality.

Leasing A Refurbished Copier

Leasing a refurbished copier is the most affordable of all the options. You get the flexibility that comes with a lease, the low cost that comes with your copier being refurbished rather than brand new and if it’s not serving you as you please, you can easily choose to lease a different copier.

Usually, it can be a gamble to buy a refurbished copier but, when leasing, if the machine does not work as you or your team prefers, you can wriggle out of the commitment conveniently.

With the constant upgrades in technology, leasing a copier is beneficial because you can simply trade in your old copier for a newer model when your lease term expires.

What To Look For When Buying/Leasing A Refurbished Copier

If you choose to go for a refurbished copier, here are a few things to look out for to help you choose a copier that is not only cheaper but, also of a high standard.

  • Look for a copier that was only moderately used before restoration and was well-maintained. You can often request the service history to be sure you aren’t buying a copier that has had excessive use or other problems.
  • Look for signs of wear and tear such as a worn-out touch screen or cracks and broken pieces. A refurbished copier should already be repaired and look relatively new.
  • Look for a refurbished copier with a warranty. This gives you some peace of mind and security in your purchase.  A reputable local copier service will be willing to stand behind their warranty and the quality of their service.
  • Look for a newer model of copiers. The risk of going with much older models is that their spare parts become obsolete in a few years and will be hard to find in the case where they need to be replaced.

Final Note

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to buy a photocopier, or you’d rather lease one. It’s always worth considering a refurbished copier, as it’ll help you save significant money over a brand new one.

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Ultimately, the most beneficial route is to lease a refurbished copier. If you run a business with high copying needs then buying a refurbished copier could be an excellent way to save money and still have ownership of your property.

Once you take into consideration what to look for when getting a refurbished copier, as we mentioned above, you can be sure to reduce the risks associated with refurbished copiers and acquire a reliable machine.

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