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5 Factors Affecting Copier Service Contract Costs

Factors Affecting Copier Service Contract Costs

In the modern workspace, the humble copier is an unsung hero, tirelessly meeting our printing and scanning needs. Yet, when it comes to understanding the costs tied to keeping it running smoothly, many of us are in the dark.

Copier service contracts are essential, but do you know what factors drive their cost? And why your copier service contracts may be more expensive than your copier rental cost?

This article sheds light on the key factors influencing copier service contract costs.

5 Key Factors Influencing Your Copier Service Contract Costs

1. Consumables and Maintenance Kits

One of the primary cost components in copier service contracts revolves around the essential supplies and maintenance kits required for optimal copier functionality.

These include toner, paper, and maintenance kits. Users have noted that these ongoing expenses significantly impact the overall cost per page printed. Specifically:

  • Toner Costs: The expense of toner, a vital component of the printing process, contributes notably to the cost per page.
  • Maintenance Kit Expenses: Maintenance kits, crucial for ensuring the copier’s smooth operation, incur an additional cost per page.
  • Paper Expenditure: The expense associated with paper usage is another significant consideration.

2. Maintenance and Repairs

The necessity for regular maintenance and repair calls constitutes a substantial portion of copier service contract costs. Copiers, like any complex machinery, require consistent upkeep to function optimally. These maintenance activities come with associated expenses that contribute to the overall contract cost.

3. Wear and Tear Copiers

Copiers are designed to handle a variety of tasks including printing, scanning, and copying, thus face more extensive wear and tear than mere printing devices. The multifunctional nature of these devices puts them under physical stress, leading to accelerated degradation.

As a result, the wear and tear on MFCs represent an important consideration when assessing copier service contract costs.

4. Printing Volume

In environments where copiers are subjected to heavy usage, such as bustling business settings, the volume of printing plays a pivotal role in determining contract costs.

Copiers in such scenarios churn out a significant number of pages on a daily basis. This high printing volume not only contributes to increased wear and tear but also translates to higher maintenance and repair expenses.

5. Cumulative Costs

An essential aspect often overlooked is the aggregation of various expenses, including supplies and labour, which collectively influence the contract price. When considering the sum total of these components, users may find that the cost per page surpasses the 3-cent mark.

Other Factors To Consider

Manufacturer and Model Variations

Different manufacturers and models have varying costs and maintenance needs. Your choice of copier brand and model may impact the service contract costs. It’s also important to know that some models may have more accessible parts and supplies, which could potentially lower the service contract costs.

Technology and Features

Modern copiers come with a variety of features and technologies such as wireless connectivity, cloud printing, and advanced security features. These technologies might affect the cost of maintenance and service contracts due to the additional maintenance & expertise required to properly maintain them.

Supplier Reputation and Service Levels

The reputation and service level of the copier supplier or service provider can significantly affect the cost. It would be extremely beneficial to choose a reputable supplier for better service, possibly reducing long-term costs.

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Contract Terms and Coverage

Details about what is covered in a contract and the terms of service could impact the cost. It might be helpful to understand the different contract terms and how they could affect your overall costs. Talk to your copier supplier to understand their terms better.

Response Time and Downtime Costs

The time it takes for a technician to respond to a service call and the downtime experienced while waiting for repairs can have a big financial impact on your business. Faster response time may mean increased cost, but if a longer downtime costs you higher financial loss, then it’ll be worth it.

Customizable Copier Service Plans

Some copier suppliers might offer customizable copier service plans. If you need a copier service plan that better meets your specific needs, talk to your copier supplier and negotiate a cost that provides the right coverage for you.

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Understanding the copier service contract costs may initially seem daunting, yet with a discerning eye on the factors outlined in this article, it becomes a manageable task. You are now better equipped to make informed decisions.

If you need to understand more about our copier rental & service contract, do not hesitate to contact us. Our helpful sales team will help you through the whole process.

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